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Hands-On Airbrush Programs

For Attendees of Wonderfest 2018 ONLY

Iwata Airbrush Party Room

Madison Room on the Map


* SFMS Episode II:
    The Rebellion Strikes Back!
* Friday Night Meet & Greet


* Airbrush 101
        Saturday 11, 1 & 3
        Sunday 11 & 1

Friday Night Meet & Greet.

*Test Drive Iwata Airbrushes and Compressors.

*Talk with experienced Iwata representatives.

*Meet Iwata artists and see some of their work.

Take your modeling to the next level in our classes!

SciFi Modeling School Episode II: The Rebellion Strikes Back!

It's not what you start with, it's what you do with it.

Go from this...

Revell A Wing Stock

... to something like one of these!

a wing optional paint jobs
A Wong by Rob Schmitt

Or something you're thinking of...

Build up by Rob Schmitt.
(Base not included)


9 am - 4 pm Wonderfest Friday
Limited to the first 12 paid students.


* Learn airbrush techniques you can use for spaceships and just about any other modeling subject. Use our equipment or buy your own new equipment!

* Learn to apply aging and paint chipping for added realism.
Use our equipment or buy your own new equipment!

Start the day with practice controlling and cleaning a double action airbrush. The rest of the day you'll use your new and/or improved skills to paint up an A Wing in your own color scheme and markings.

Your A Wing Kit kit will be primed by our team of experienced modelers! It's up to you decide your color scheme and markings.

Take your space fighter home with you along with the other goodies in the Basic Package from class!

A Wings from class are shown at the Friday Night Airbrush Party and in the Wonderfest Amazing Model Contest. Public vote chooses the Best SFMS A Wing. Winner gets a Laser Fire Creations Trophy sponsored by TAG Team Hobbies

* Add the Eclipse HP-CS double action graivty feed airbrush!

* Add a Smart Jet Compressor to top off your modeling arsenal!

Get used to the equipment with our team of qualified,
experienced Iwata instructors:

Rob Schmitt and Tom Grossman

SciFi Modeling School Episode II Student Kit

      Six hours of Qualified Instruction with all airbrush equipment and supplies provided.
      Revell 85-1639 A Wing Kit primed in black and ready to go!
      Acrylicos Vallejo Paint and Auxilliary kit including Colors, Cleaner,
          Thinner, Flow Improver, Washes and Chipping Medium.
      Four 17 ml empty bottles
      Kolinsky Sable # 1 and #2 Paint Brushes
      Aizu and Tamiya Tapes for Masking
      Excel Helping Hands Tweezers
      Flexi-File Sanding Sticks
      Parafilm Strips
      Silly Putty Egg

Due to production times, we are no longer able to offer 3D Printed Enhanced Guns from sapguy at Digital Sprue

Off-Line Payment Options Available email TAG Team


Go from "I can't do that" to

"Do we have to stop?"

in 75 minutes!

Sign up here

75 minute hands-on class for 12 offered 5 times over the weekend

No charge for Wonderfest attendees. Sign up now!

Iwata Airbrush Products at TAG Team Hobbies

Sponsor of Airbrush 101

Provided by Iwata:

  • Eclipse CS Airbrushes

  • Comart paints and Cleaner

  • Hoses and Regulators

Get your own new equipment to use in class!

Order other Iwata products for delivery to class!

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